Adam Schiff Still Believes There Is 'Compelling And Incriminating' Evidence Of Collusion


Media Missed Important Stories While It Was Distracted By Russia, Says Joe Concha

'Worst day ever for our media'

'American Idol' Contestant's Hollywood Performance Had Katy Perry In Tears

You won't want to miss this

Oakland Raiders Make Massive Decision At The Quarterback Position. What Is Jon Gruden Up To?

This doesn't make much sense

Charles Barkley Obliterates People Who Think Coaches Shouldn't Yell At Players. Here's What He Said

Does he have a point?

Rudy Giuliani Calls On Democrats To Apologize For Advanced Collusion Story

‘These people are unhappy with this finding’

Kellyanne Calls For A Big Name Resignation In Wake Of Mueller Report

'Pedaling a lie day after day'

Prestigious Institutions Say They Won't Be Taking Money From Billionaire Family Behind Purdue Pharma Anymore. Now Family Members Are Pressing Pause On Giving

'Distracting them from the important work that they do'

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Says Media Owes America An Apology

'Substituted wishful thinking for factual analysis'

'Morning Joe' Calls Mueller Report Release The 'Best Day Of' Trump's Presidency

'Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike. It is good news'

2 Kids Were About To Be Crushed Before A Hero Saved Them. The Video Will Have You On Your Feet Cheering

It's great

Boxer Taunts His Opponent, Immediately Gets Hit With Instant Karma


Mike Huckabee Believes One Person Escaped Blame For Russia Fiasco

'They weren't competent enough to stop it'

Tennessee Titans Coach Announces The Team's Starting Quarterback. Fans Will Be Very Happy

Is it the correct choice?

Here's What Rob Gronkowski's Superstar Model Girlfriend Had To Say About His Retirement

Does it surprise you?

Johnny Manziel Returned To Pro Football Sunday Night, And The Highlights Are Awesome

He did a nice job

What Coach K Did After Duke Beat UCF Shows The Kind Of Man He Truly Is. The Powerful Video Might Give You Chills

He's a class act

NBA Team Wins On One Of The Wildest Endings You'll Ever See. How Was It Possible?

Absolutely absurd

Here Are The Best Reactions On The Internet To Rob Gronkowski Retiring

He was a star

Doug Collins On Democrats Investigating Russian Collusion: 'It’s All They Have'

'They have an agenda against the President'

'A Very, Very Bad Day For CNN' — Alan Dershowitz Rips Media That 'Misinformed The American Public'

'Look, I’ve been vindicated'

Top-Ranking Democrat Says Mueller Report Doesn't Matter -- 'We Know There Was Collusion'

'Why there's been no indictments, we don't know'

Carl Bernstein Defends The Press: 'One Of The Great Reporting Jobs In History'

Mueller report threatens CNN's business model

Ted Cruz Blasts House Democrats: 'They Are Going To Impeach The President For Being Donald Trump'

'They don't care about the evidence'

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